Acute Low Back Pain Ruining Your Summer Holiday?
Here's How You Can Defeat It

Lower Back Pain

Finally! You're all set for your long-awaited summer holiday. You've packed your bags and cannot wait for one week of sun, relaxation and serenity. And who can blame you? You deserve a break, and there's nothing that can stop you from enjoying your well-deserved time off.

...That is, until you finally get off the plane after sitting for 5 hours. Your back is sore and uncomfortable, and just as you reach down into your bag for your sunglasses, it happens. Pain. It is searing, unrelenting, and has completely caught you off guard. You have one week in paradise and this is not how you imagined to be spending it! We understand, it's not fair… and it happens to the best of us. In fact, over 80% of people will experience lower back pain at some stage in their life.

Fortunately, however, low back pain doesn't need to ruin your holiday (or any day, for that matter).
For those of you who have ever experienced acute low back pain of this magnitude – there is treatment available! That treatment is going to be delivered by a person you know very well – you. You are the key to successfully treating your back pain and finally enjoying the blissful vacation that you so deserve!

Here are some tips you can employ immediately to show that acute low back pain the front door:

  1. Keep your back as upright as possible
    • You absolutely must try to maintain the lordosis (curve in the lower back) at all times.
    • When bending down, use your hips and knees to lower yourself, while keeping the back as neutral as possible. This is to be used any time you must reach to a lower level, even while brushing your teeth or washing dishes.
  2. Change positions and move frequently
    • Alternate from sitting, to standing, to walking, frequently, about every 30 minutes. Short walks can also be therapeutic! Try not to spend too long in any one position, as this will cause muscles to seize.
  3. Ice, ice, ice!
    • Applying ice over the areas of pain will help to control pain and reduce swelling. Begin by wrapping an ice pack or bag of ice with a towel. Use the 10:10:10 protocol: leave on area of complaint for 10 minutes, remove for 10 minutes, and re-apply for 10 minutes. Repeat frequently for maximum benefit. Do gentle movements while icing.
  4. Avoid lifting
    • Try not to lift at all! If you must, only lift lighter weight objects, and use proper lifting technique. To lift or pick up an object from the floor, keep your back upright, bend at the hips/knees and hold the object close to your body. Lift with the strength of your thighs.
  5. Choose an ideal sleeping position
    • When sleeping, lie on your back, placing a rolled up towel in the small of the back to maintain lordosis, with a pillow under slightly bent knees. The next best position is on your side, with a pillow in between the knees to keep the back neutral.
  6. Position yourself for coughing and sneezing
    • Try leaning with your hands on a table or countertop to brace yourself before coughing or sneezing.

By following these guidelines, you should be able to prevent unnerving low back pain from interrupting your life! However, if your pain is still keeping you from enjoying life's simplest pleasures, despite all of your efforts – your condition may be more severe or mechanical in nature. There may be an underlying problem, or multiple problems to blame that you aren't aware of. If this is the case, it's important to address these problems with a professional.

The Advanced Therapeutic Centre for Lifelong Lower Back Pain Relief

Don't hesitate to call the Advanced Therapeutic Centre, your Toronto chiropractor clinic today. Our doctors will strive to determine the cause(s) of your low back pain, so that an appropriate individualized treatment plan can be assigned.

In the meantime, we wish you good luck in your efforts to manage your low back pain!

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