Natural Relief for Tension Headaches - Laser to the rescue!

Tension headaches cause a great deal of suffering to people on a daily basis. The productivity of business and industry is also negatively affected due to poor worker performance and absenteeism.

There are numerous factors contributing to the etiology of tension headaches, but whatever the cause, it results in tense muscles in the neck and jaws. The tense muscles in the jaws may cause grinding of the teeth and further tensing of the temporal muscles on the sides of the head.

In the neck - upper area - the tense muscles place pressure on the nerves leaving the spine, which causes the nerves to fire inappropriately, producing more tension of the muscles of the scalp, contributing to tension headaches.

Do you know that there is a natural way to resolve this condition?

Low level laser therapy has a non-thermal, bio-stimulating effect on biological tissues. The therapeutic application of low level laser therapy - LLLT - produces beneficial clinical effects in the treatment of musculo-skeletal, neurological and soft tissue conditions.

LLLT is non-invasive and avoids the potential side effects of drug therapy, more specifically, LLLT delivers light energy - photons - to target the cells, thus improving the health of the tissues. It achieves this by enhancing the non-thermal photochemical effects at the cellular level.

Some of the known effects of LLLT include the enhancement of ATP production, (produces energy, like the battery in your car) which acts as the trigger for the bio-stimulating effects in the tissues. LLLT also increases the microcirculation in the muscles, helping them to relax and function more efficiently.

LLLT devices provide light energy at a wavelength in the near and mid-infrared range, which does not harm tissues in anyway. In fact, Health and Welfare Canada approved Lasers over 14 years ago.

As an example, known LLLT protocols for treating specific pain symptoms involve precise settings that allow light energy - photons - to enter the tissue, and also interact with the known physiology of the body for pain relief and proper healing of the muscle tissue.

Treatment with the LLLT device to correct the chronic tension of the neck muscles is similar and painless. It requires the doctor to set certain parameters which will affect the body part being treated. These parameters will involve the frequency setting, the cadence, duty cycle and the dosage of photon energy. All of these settings are able to enhance the function of the tense muscles, causing them to relax, but at the same time affecting the known physiology of the nerves and restoring the normal blood supply to the muscles.

When these features are met for the muscles, not only at the base of the neck, but also the TMJs, the muscles relax, taking the pressure from the nerves. This breaks the normal cycle of the tense muscles, which relaxes and relieves the pressure on the nerves. But the LLLT is not just relaxing the muscles. It is providing photon energy to the cells - tissues - muscles, which improves their function so that the muscles may take a longer time to get tense again, thus preventing future tension headaches. LLLT devices are the only modality that provides therapeutic energy to enhance the function of tissue.

In rehabilitation medicine, LLLT is considered to be the most advanced, effective and non-invasive form of therapy for pain control and healing of tissue. It is safe (emitting no radiation), painless, and results are shown to be significant, with no known or reported side effects.

In conjunction with the LLLT, specific neck/TMJ exercises are prescribed for strengthening key muscles, thus restoring balance and normal function to the head/neck.

So, what do you have to lose? Only your tension headache - naturally.

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