Bone Spur

Bone Spur

Bone spurs or calcium deposits can develop due to old injuries, trauma to the area or degeneration in a joint complex. This includes heel spurs.

J-T was a male in his mid fifties, who had severely injured his right shoulder twenty- five years ago. After living with increasing pain and limitation for the last six years, he sought the advice of an Orthopaedic Surgeon. He was told that it was not life threatening and that he should "just live with the pain". This was depressing for J-T and his friend - a patient at the Centre asked him to get an opinion from myself.

When I met J-T, he was very distressed. He was in such pain that he could not shake my hand. He mentioned that there was limited motion in his right shoulder, sleeping on that side was impossible, and movement/activity would cause increased pain for three to four days. Of more importance to J-T was the fact that he was not able to use his arm for shaving and not even able to bring a cup of coffee to his lips!

After reviewing the x-rays that J-T brought with him, I saw a medium size calcium deposit at the front of his right shoulder joint and minor spurs at the top of the shoulder joint. These would explain the limitation of movement, and the inability of J-T to do certain daily activities.

I assured J-T that we could help eliminate his pain and most of the calcium deposit and spurs. This would however take time, from 4-8 weeks with three visits per week. J-T was somewhat relieved, but still skeptical even though I had shown him x-rays of other patients I had helped with similar conditions. I further explained to J-T that I have been using lasers for over 20 years and I had developed specific protocols for addressing his conditions.

J-T reluctantly agreed to try our therapy for four weeks. As part of his therapy, I advised J-T to take specific supplements to assist returning his tissues to normal. After two weeks J-T was more confident that our laser therapy would assist him as he was experiencing less pain and some improvement in his range of movements.

I then prescribed deep stretching exercise for his shoulder muscles. These exercises work with the Nervous System to cause lengthening of the muscles, which will increase the healing and range of motion in the shoulder.

X-rays at eighteen treatments showed that the calcium deposit was resolved, and there was over 70% reduction in the spurs on the top of the shoulder joint. J-T now had 90% range of motion, no pain and was able to shave and bring a cup of coffee to his lips!

Because of the long period of inactivity with J-T's shoulder, there was a great degree of muscle wasting. Specific strengthening exercises were then prescribed.

J-T was very grateful for the improvement to his shoulder. He told me that he could now lie and then sleep comfortably on that side. This was important for both J-T and his wife, because now he could sleep facing her.

Without the laser, I would not have accepted J-T as a patient. The laser is the only modality, which can effectively deal with pain, calcium deposits and spurs. J-T is now, thanks to the laser, living a normal life.

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