Laser and TMJ Pain - Laser to the Rescue

TMJ Pain

The Temporomandibular Joints - TMJs - are located on either side of your jaws. These joints are very delicate and allow you to open your mouth, to speak, sing and kiss.

The TMJs are positioned very strategically their relationship to your head and cervical spine. When they are not functioning properly, they can contribute to headache, difficulty biting and chewing, along with neck and arm pain, and Trigeminal Neuralgia (pain).

What can cause the TMJ to malfunction? Please remember that it is a very delicate joint. There are numerous causes. I'll list a few of the more common ones. Trauma such as sports injuries - a direct blow to the jaw, a motor vehicle injury whereby the head whips backwards and displaces the TMJ either bilaterally or unilaterally; sleeping on your side, resting your jaw on your arm will displace your TMJ. Biting or chewing something that is too hard, can also displace the TMJ.

The nerves which innervate the TMJ and its muscles have branches which supply the forehead, cheeks and lower jaw. The nerves of the TMJ also project into the brainstem and to the upper portion of the cervical spine (neck). Because of all these connections, any problems with the TMJ can have significant repercussions of pain and headaches to the individual.

With the use of the Laser, with specific settings, the Doctor is able to get rid of the pain and inflammation in the area, while initiating the healing response of the tissues with the injection of the photon energy. The Laser's gentle yet effective method of therapy is ideally suited to treating the delicate joints of the TMJ. The photons injected into the tissues by the Laser have a significant effect on the nerves and muscles of the TMJ. The other symptoms which were a result of the increased activity of the nerves and muscles of the TMJ, will also be resolved.

Once the pain from the delicate TMJ is resolved, the Doctor may then begin the realignment of the joints, if need be. Exercises are then necessary to restore normal function and stability to the joints.

So, if you suffer with a clicking TMJ or pain, headaches or neck pain, think TMJ and the best therapy for it-Laser therapy.

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