Sleep Therapy

Sleep Therapy

We see a number of patients in our Centre who complain that they are not able to get a good nights? sleep. They just can?t wine down, or let go of the projects they are working on. They complain of having to drag themselves out of bed the next morning and the fatigue they feel during the day. They are not motivated to do all the activities that they would like to do daily. They actually dread going home to try to sleep again, because the pattern repeats itself night after night.

At the Centre we break this pattern quickly and allow our patients to obtain good restful sleep so when they wake in the morning they are energized to face their day.

Here is some information that you should be aware of regarding sleep. Sleep is very necessary for your health and adults require 7-8 of good quality sleep per night. Certain stages of sleep are important for you to feel well rested and energized for your day. During sleep vital tasks occur which assist you to maintain good health and enable you to function at your peak levels.

Good restful sleep increases your hormone production, including Growth Hormone and strengthens the Immune System. Sleep also repairs your cells, tissues and organs as the liver helps to detoxify your body. All these benefits contribute to better learning and excellent health.

On the other hand, chronic lack of restful sleep has negative consequences. You wake up fatigued, which over time can contribute to depression. You can develop high blood pressure as your Nervous System does not get a chance you unwind. You can develop heart disease, diabetes and gain weight. Your focus is decreased, you are not your best at problem solving, your work productivity and enjoyment of life decreases. Add to this, you can begin to make bad decisions and have more accidents.

That is no way to live your life.

Depending on whether your sleep condition is caused by stress, or you have developed chronic hormonal imbalances, we have programs to quickly assist in restoring your normal healthy sleep patterns.

The first program utilizes Laser to treat key Acupuncture point with specific frequencies. This causes your body to raise its? level of serotonin and helps induce restful sleep. To enhance the therapeutic effects, specific supplementation maybe required.

The second program utilizes NIS ? Neurological Integration System (NeuroLink) to calm the Nervous System and Balance the Endocrine (Hormonal) System. To facilitate the therapeutic effects, specific supplementation maybe required.

To your Health,

Dr. Don Fitz-Ritson DC., FCCPOR(C).

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