Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain - Laser to the Rescue!

Do you have some form of chronic/acute musculoskeletal pain? This could be due to sports injuries, a fall, repetitive tasks such as computer use, pain of insidious onset or the aging process! Have you given up trying every form of therapy or drugs? Are you resigned to "just living with it"?

Please do not! There is new hope for pain sufferers, in a revolutionary combination of therapies that includes; state-of-the-art laser biostimulation, gentle manipulation, nutrition and neural rehabilitation, relief can be achieved. This proven effective combination is all natural with no drugs to mask symptoms and adversely affect your body. Lasers have been used clinically for nearly 40 years; there are no reported side effects, it is safe (emits no radiation), painless, invasive, non-toxic and very effective in relieving pain. Health and Welfare Canada has approved the use of Low Energy Lasers and thousands of research papers demonstrate its' ability to get rid of pain, inflammation and heal tissue. The laser's ability to heal tissue is what really separates lasers from any other modality presently in use today.

The laser heals the tissue by providing photons of light energy to the cells and tissue. This light energy is absorbed into the cells/tissue and is converted into complex biochemical substances that cause cells/tissue to heal, restoring them to normal function. While the body's normal healing mechanism generates scar tissue that results in further abnormal function, the laser heals tissue without scar formation. Interestingly, if there is scar formation at the site of your chronic injury, the Laser will reduce it.

With over 20 years of experience with the laser, we have developed very specific protocols for successful treatment of any musculoskeletal conditions such as: tennis elbow, RSI, neck pain, low back pain, sports injury, degenerative joint and disc disease, herniated disc, osteoarthritis, heel spurs and calcium deposits.

If you have a chronic pain condition and it is carefully examined to ascertain the underlying cause, then treated with gentle manipulation to restore the mechanical function and synergistically supported with specific nutrition and the laser for pain and inflammation reduction and healing--do you think your pain will improve? As the pain improves, you begin specific exercises and neural balancing of the body, so all tissues return to full function. Do you think you'll return to normal activities?

Chronic Pain Relief