How to STOP the Aging Process And Improve Your Health

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Dr. Don Fitz-Ritson DC,FCCPOR(C)

I have always joked, saying that I would like to live to 150 and feel like 50 years old! In 1974 I began to go bald, since then I have tried to focus my lifestyle on being healthy. I researched and used various methods such as cleansing my colon so I could increase the absorption of nutrients in my diet and the supplements that I take.

The supplements were taken both morning and evening to better provide the nutrients to the cells when they need them. I also developed a great nutritional high protein breakfast to begin my day. I ate lots of vegetables and fruits, no fried foods - no greasy hamburgers. I kept my weight ideal, exercised regularly and worked hard.

However, something was still missing, shown by the ever present aging signs. The above was helping, but it was not going to get me to 150 years! In my constant research, I came across a program called Neurolink, which helped the Nervous, Endocrine, and Immune Systems to function better. It was like a tune-up for these systems. My reasoning was that if this was true, then it might help my entire body to function better!

What is Neurolink?

Neurolink is not a technique. It is a complete system that employs neurological processes. Neurolink assesses the body as an integrated being- that is, that all the systems in our body are related to each other and do not work in isolation. Neurolink tunes up all your systems so you function better. This is similar to a tune up for a car. The car functions better.

What does Neurolink treat?

Nothing per se. Neurolink is a facilitation system using the "brain"- as a "clearing house" to restore optimum function to all body systems. With this optimum function, the symptoms of ill health and disease can be resolved.

When is a diagnosis correct?

Neurolink is brain- driven and reliant on some 100 billion neurons. While such numbers are mind- boggling, the reality is this:

Research indicates we are able to access and consciously utilize up to only 10% of our brain's capacity. On this basis, the Doctor's diagnosis potential involves a 90% margin of error.

21st century healthcare continues to reflect a "labeling" mentality: sciatica, chronic pain, chronic fatigue, low back pain, RSI, asthma, excema, allergies, shin splints, and the list goes on.

Are you happy to accept these symptoms and "labels", due to a diagnostic inability?

Only your brain can provide the information required to make a 100% accurate diagnosis on your health problems.

Today, excellent laboratory screening tests and scans are available. While I use and find these helpful, they frequently fail to determine why the body's immune and defense mechanisms have failed.

The Brain is Protective

Neurolink as the name implies, is the linkup of brain pathways, similar to the electrical circuits in your house. When the amount of power to a specific circuit exceeds supply, a fuse will blow. Whilst power is lost to that circuit, the internal wiring systems of your house is still protected. Similarly, your brain will recognize when maximum tolerances within any of your body's systems have been exceeded. When muscles, glands and organs are taken beyond a given threshold, this potential is reduced. Neurolink identifies the root cause. Only when the faulty pathway is recognized by the brain, will optimum function be restored.

How does Neurolink work?

Neurolink is a now-manipulative, stress and pain-free system, that the new born to the very aged, and both the mentally and physically disadvantaged can benefit from. It is a sequential system, employing muscle control as a reference, to go through and check on your body's "normal". Where there is abnormal activity, the brain becomes confused and can not recognize the problem. The Neurolink Doctor is a facilitator in feeding back to the brain, that there is an abnormality. Once the brain can identify the problem, it will correct it. The data that is fed back, often reveals the underlying causes of symptoms, exposing you to the brain's profound ability to restore your body to its individual, full potential. Only your brain holds the key to your optimum health.

Before I became qualified to provide the program and had the series of sessions for myself, I went to my MD and asked to have clinical tests performed, i.e., blood, urine, some endocrine, stool, fasting glucose etc. All this was done in September 1999.

My lifestyle stayed the same. What was new was NeuroLink. In September 2001, I went back to my MD, for a complete physical and retest of all the clinical tests done in 1999.

Results: My MD was mystified, because I was two years older, but all my physical and clinical values, were 5-10% BETTER than my earlier results. He further stated that "some how you have STOPPED the aging process".

Let me place this in perspective for you. With the aging process, all physical/clinical values should decline. My values increased by 5-10%. This is very significant. This suggests that my body is functioning better than it did two years ago.

Needless to say I am very happy. I am now offering this Neurolink Program in my Centre. I have treated some patients with varying degrees of success for their specific conditions. However, now I am very confident that even though I have not solved all of their conditions, I have helped their body to function better.

Conditions Treated:

* Chronic Pain * Fibromyalgia * Chronic Stress * Sleep Conditions * Headaches

* Concussions * Brain Injury * Memory Lapses * Arthritis - Osteo - Rheumatoid

* Female Conditions * Menstrual Irregularities * Menopausal Symptoms

* Irritable Bowel/Spastic Colon * Auto-immune Syndromes

* Skin Conditions * Acne * Dry Skin

Here is what you have to do. Once you begin treatment, or even before:

Begin drinking 6 glasses of water per day.

Have two-three tablespoons of yogourt daily. (One small container will be ideal.)

Some patients may require special supplements to support or cleanse.

Walk daily for 20-30 minutes.

Patients' Comments:

"My golf game has improved. It is as if I am pre-programmed when I play." T.S.

"I am calmer, more focused when I have to give presentations at work." A.K.

"Sleep is improved. I am more focused at work and playing squash." M.S.

"My accuracy throwing darts has improved by 10%." B.T.

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