The Neurological Integration System:
Better Sleep, Better Sex, Better Life!

Over time, the human body unfortunately experiences many different forms of stress that may exceed what we can tolerate - whether it be emotional, pathological, neurological or physical - causing the brain to lose control over certain areas of the body. When this occurs, the body stops functioning optimally and can experience unwanted symptoms that stem from a variety of conditions. These conditions in-clude sleep stress syndrome, fibromyalgia, respiratory illnesses, hormonal imbalance, migraines, diabe-tes, ADD/ADHD, MS, and depression… the list goes on.

The Neurological Integration System

Luckily, these symptoms can be reduced with the help of the Neurological Integration System, or NIS (Neurolink). This system, successfully used by practitioners across the world for over the last 20 years, involves helping patients with discomforting conditions by addressing the underlying issues or cause of the patient's symptom pattern. As a non-invasive and non-manipulative method of care, the NIS system provides the body with relief by guiding the brain to reconstruct cell connections, or by generally im-proving the communication between the brain and body. Thankfully, NIS is suitable for all ages - and serves as one of the safest healthcare methods available!

The system can even be combined with certain products to provide effective relief to some conditions. For example, when treating symptoms of depression or anxiety, it is helpful to use products that will aid in the function of the brain in conjunction with NIS. For symptoms associated with menopause, products that naturally promote a healthy hormonal balance can be used along with the NIS system to further maximize effectiveness. Depending on the condition, there are other products your specialist may rec-ommend to be used in conjunction with NIS.

The NIS system varies from patient to patient regarding the duration of the procedure. For example, the number of steps required during an evaluation can vary from 10-36, and each patient's condition is unique. Many patients prefer to use the system periodically, or as often as needed. Patients will work with a NIS practitioner who will recommend a suitable care plan catered to their specific needs.

Have you been suffering from the unpleasant symptoms of an unforgiving medical condition? Please book a consultation with the Advanced Therapeutic Centre today to learn about how NIS can help you.

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